[PD] pulse measurement using touch sensors

Koray Tahiroglu koray.tahiroglu at taik.fi
Thu May 29 17:24:52 CEST 2008

Hello Thomas,

We are using Nexus 10 (http://www.mindmedia.nl/english/nexus10.php)  
and Nexus 4 (http://www.mindmedia.nl/english/nexus4.php) for bio- 
signal acquisition in our project, currently we are implementing the  
PD [audio-visual engine] part of the system, we trace the signals by  
integrating a Python script to Mindmedia's Biotrace+ (http:// 
www.mindmedia.nl/english/biotrace.php) and we stream data through OSC.

Skin conductance sensor with the above combination, is like a hand  
touch sensor available for measuring pulse. On the other hand piezo  
contact  mic can be used as a sensor to receive pulse, but I guess it  
should be tested to see how much reliable output can be received  
though a contact mic.


M.Koray Tahiroglu
Media Lab,UIAH
tel: +358 468956602 ( in Finland only)
tel: +90 533 712 8245

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> Hi all,
> does anyone have experience with measuring pulse using just hand touch
> sensors?
> Which kind of sensors are feasible, is there any special signal
> conditioning necessary?
> many thanks,
> gr~~~
> --
> Thomas Grill
> http://grrrr.org

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