[PD] default Save As location (was: [openpanel]/[savepanel]directory, [cd])

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu May 29 19:28:51 CEST 2008

Martin Peach hat gesagt: // Martin Peach wrote:

> >>Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> >What folder were you working in when you create a new patch?  What if  
> >there are no other patches open?  What if there are many patches open  in 
> >many different folders?
> >
> I usually open pd from inside ~/pd_patches and have subdirectories in there. 
> If I make a new patch it's often interacting with another patch already in 
> the same folder.

I do this as well and I think it would be *very irritating* if Pd
would default to some directory different from the one I started Pd
from. Btw: If I start Pd from the window manager, new patches
automatically get saved to $HOME (because $HOME is the current working
directory of the window manager and everything else after logging in),
so there's no need to change anything on Linux.

> >Before, on Mac OS X at least, it defaulted to "/".  I've changed that  to 
> >"~", which I think is a lot more useful.  Perhaps it could be like  this:
> >
> >- if no other patches open, then "~".
> >- if other patches are open, then use the folder of the current top  window
> Yes, that's better, using "~" as default. And any new patch is most likely 
> to be saved in the folder of the topmost already-open patch. And the default 
> directory should also be a specifiable option in the preferences somewhere, 
> not hard-coded, in the interest of total control.

How is it decided what's the topmost patch?

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