[PD] pd not starting on winXP

Enrico Costanza enrico.costanza at epfl.ch
Fri May 30 13:27:08 CEST 2008


I have pd 0.39-3 extended installed on my machine, but it does not run.
If I try to launch pd.exe I can see the process in the task manager, but 
nothing happens.
If I try to launch on the command prompt  pd -verbose -d 5 -stderr
I get the following:

input channels = 2, output channels = 2
set pd_whichapi 0
set pd_whichmidiapi 3
Pd version 0.39-3extended
compiled 06:04:42 Oct 16 2007
port 5400
Waiting for connection request...

and it stops there.

I tried reinstalling with no luck. I also tried the 0.41 version but I 
always got the same.

Any suggestions?
I could not find anything on the web that seemed related.


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