[PD] default Save As location (was: [openpanel]/[savepanel]directory, [cd])

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Fri May 30 19:19:11 CEST 2008

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>On May 30, 2008, at 3:17 PM, Damian Stewart wrote:
>>>why not do what a lot of other apps do and persistently store the  
>>>last-used-directory somewhere in the config, so that next time I  open 
>>>Pd, Open is pointing to the same place as the last time I  closed it?
>>so no love for this idea then?
>That could work too.  That would rely on the preferences system,  right now 
>it is not easy/clean to extend.  So maybe that would come  later.

It should be not too difficult (?) to have openpanel/savepanel save their 
current path in the .pd file when the patch is saved.
It seems to involve registering a save function using class_setsavefn() to 
replace the default text_save() with a panel_save() which would append the 
path symbol to the "#X obj x y openpanel" binbuf for the object. Then in the 
panel_new() routine the path will show up as an extra argument (I hope;) if 
it is redeclared as openpanel_new(t_symbol *s, int argc, t_atom argv) and 
adding a GIMME to the class_new() arguments.


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