[PD] [GEM] pix_image and windows

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Sun Jun 1 17:16:26 CEST 2008


  I'm encountering a problem with pix_image when I have to use a 
temporary image, let me try to explain...

I use another software (libfprint) that writes automatically an image in 
a temporary folder, this image is previewed in gem window by a patch 
that is dynamically created.

  windows complains that the image is still used by another process when 
I try to remove it or replace it after the pix_image has read it, even 
if the patch containing this pix_image has beed closed, that is quite 
annoying because pd needs to be closed/opened for replacing or removing 
this temporary image.

  Since other objects that read a media file doesn't involve this 
behavior, it is certainly a bug.

Many thanks for pix_record fixes in last Gem release!

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