[PD] strange message at startup

matteo sisti sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 14:54:59 CEST 2008

> On a Windows machine, whenever I start PD Vanilla 0.41.2, I get the
> following message on the pd console at startup:
> "Separate audio device choices not supported; using sequential devices".
> However, this is nonsense because I am using ONE input and ONE output
> device, with 2 channels each.

Furthermore, it is followed by a "resyncing audio" message (just at
startup), even if DSP has not been turned on yet!!

And as soon as I load a patch, which has no dsp objects, and without
enabling dsp, I get TWO "resyncing audio" messages.

Then I get more "resyncing audio" messages every once in a while for
example whenever I minimize and restore a patch window full of gui
objects. It does not happen with "small" patches however.....

Again, I am testing this with a big patch full of gui and things but
with no ~objects at all, and without even turning on dsp.....

I don't really understand the resyncing audio stuff - I guess it would
imply an audio dropout on an it-does-have-dsp-objects patch... I do
indeed experience "resyncinc audio" messages on dsp-doing-stuff
patches, but usually I see them after they have appeared and I can't
tell if they are generating dropouts (if thet are, it may be just a
one-block-time silence).

I can't understand what causes those audio resyncs and how to avoid them.

...... any suggestions?

NOTE: I do get "resyncing audio" even with only 2-channel in/out and
non-asio, as mentioned before.

I'm always on WinXP


P.S. someone may suggest using ASIO drivers; however in some situation
I CAN'T use ASIO drivers. Sometimes I need to use an external MOTU
with 4 input channels and I found NO WAY to get it working with asio
with all 4-in and 2-out working (either some input or some output or
both don't work). There's an old thread of mine about that in the
archives with details. The only way I can get a motu to work with
multiple inputs in PD is to use non-asio AND turn on an option in
Motu's configuration called something like "legacy mode" that makes PD
to be able to recognize its several input channels in standard mode).

Matteo Sisti Sette
matteosistisette at gmail.com

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