[PD] [OT][admin] changing the mailinglist headers

IEM - network operating center (IOhannes m zmoelnig) noc at iem.at
Mon Jun 2 16:59:42 CEST 2008

hi all.

as has been discussed on this list a while ago, i would like to change 
the mailinglist-headers to conform to 

this means:
  changing "PD" to "Pd"
  changing "PureData" to "Pure Data"

what will change:
  the subject of each mail will be prefixed with "[Pd]" rather than "[PD]"
  the List-Id will contain a string "Pure Data" rather than "PureData"

what will remain:
  the List-Id will still contain the actual ID <pd-list.iem.at>
  content will stay as super as always

list of affected lists:
  Subject-prefix: [Pd]
  List-ID: the Pure Data - mailinglist <pd-list.iem.at>

  Subject-prefix: [Pd-announce]
  List-ID: Announcements for Pure Data <pd-announce.iem.at>

  Subject-prefix: [Pd-dev]
  List-ID: Pure Data developer's list <pd-dev.iem.at>

  Subject-prefix: [Pd-ot]
  List-ID: off topic discussions for the Pd-community <pd-ot.iem.>

  Subject-prefix: [Pd-cvs]
  List-ID: information on commits to the Pd-cvs <pd-cvs.iem.at>

if you do any email filtering based on the list-headers this might not 
work thereafter.
in general, if you want to do filter/sort/... mails from a mailing-list, 
you should _always_ do so based on the "list-id" part of the "List-ID" 
header-field (that is: on the part between angle-brackets <>).
see http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2919.txt for a technical explanation.


IEM - network operation center
mailto:noc at iem.at

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