[PD] declare who? what?

Enrique Erne enrique at netpd.org
Mon Jun 2 19:21:53 CEST 2008


my original subject was "pd-extended: <~ and matrix" but now i got 
confused so i renamed it. the newest pd-extended can't create [<~] nor 
[matrix] on default.

[<~] on the 20080523 could create (with an expr~ couldn't create error) 
now the [<~] can't create anymore. should i file a new bug report for 
hexloader or is it covered by

so far netpd provides a [declare -stdlib iemmatrix] and a
[declare -stdpath ../extra/iemmatrix] for pd-extended, but this seems to 
not work anymore. it is working with pd-ext-20080516 and _not_ working 
with 20080523. [matrix] creates when i first do a [iemmatrix/matrix] and 
then load my patches.

i also checked the matrix-help bugreport
eighthave says:
"I added '#X declare -lib iemmatrix' to the help files, so this should 
work now. Please test tomorrow."

i checked it today and the help files is really working. the declare 
help file says:
-lib load a library, relative to the patch
maybe i must have missunderstand but the patch in this case would be 
netpd's _chat.pd wouldn't it?

relative to _chat.pd on my system would be something like:
or similar. why is -lib iemmatrix working?

is the declare-help file wrong?

also i am a bit disappointed that one can not write abstractions, that 
declares what it depends on. but probably that has some technical reason.

thanks eni


... couldn't create

load_object: Symbol "0x3c0x7e_setup" not found
error: BUG: no pd_objectmaker found
... couldn't create
load_object: Symbol "0x3c0x7e_setup" not found
error: BUG: no pd_objectmaker found
... couldn't create

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