[PD] Avoiding clips

Lau Llobet socunasindria at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 15:46:53 CEST 2008

Hi there , this is my first post !
I'm looking for an extern which avoids clips in signals [~] i dont know if
it exist on pd own objects or if it is on the repositori.
I coudnt find an efficent way to know which are the externs in the
repositori, looking in each folder is the only way to know it's content ?

Here goes a detailed explanation of what i mean by avoid clipping:

I'm playing blocks of signal from diferent arrays, when one stops playing
the other starts, the problem is that most of them dosnt start and end at 0
value and a clip sounds between in the change of block. Due to the whole
project aim i cannot use crossfading between blocks.

I've been thinking in a possible solution :

1- take the last value of one block and build a linear ramp of N samples to
the N value of the subsequent block and add all the values to that ramp
 this solution would require the whole block as an input and wouldnt work as
a in-out object  ->[~smoothclips]->

2- Dettect a clip as a suddent fall of values between two samples *
abs(X(-1)-X(0))>threshold* and for the N subsequent samples X(i)  do :
 X(0)= 0.8*X(-1) + 0.2* (0)
 X(1)= 0.6*X(-1) + 0.4* (1)
 X(2)= 0.4*X(-1) + 0.6* (2)
... and so on

Thank you !
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