[PD] Multiple audio devices

Mika Ristimäki mika.ristimaki at tkk.fi
Mon Jun 9 14:31:25 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I have a problem how to use multiple audio devices in Pd. I tired to  
search the archives but didn't find anything useful. Anyway...

I have RME Fireface 800 audio interface and RME Octamic microphone  
pre-amplifier. Octamic is connected to Fireface with ADAT. I'm using  
Windows XP. I have connected 8 mics to Octamic and 4 mics to Fireface  
(it also has 4 mic level inputs). The problem is that I don't know how  
to get all 12 channels to work in Pd.

when I start Pd with -listdev, I get

audio input devices:
0. Live! Cam Optia AF (Mic)
1. Fireface Analog (1+2) MME
2. Fireface Analog (3+4) MME
3. Fireface Analog (5+6) MME
4. Fireface Analog (7+8) MME
5. Fireface Analog (9+10) MME
6. Fireface SPDIF MME
7. Fireface ADAT1 (1+2) MME
8. Fireface ADAT1 (3+4) MME
9. Fireface ADAT1 (5+6) MME
10. Fireface ADAT1 (7+8) MME
11. Fireface ADAT2 (1+2) MME
12. Fireface ADAT2 (3+4) MME
13. Fireface ADAT2 (5+6) MME
14. Fireface ADAT2 (7+8) MME
15. Fireface Analog (1+2)
16. Fireface Analog (3+4)
17. Fireface Analog (5+6)
18. Fireface Analog (7+8)
19. Fireface Analog (9+10)

I can have the 8 Octamic channels if  start Pd with -audioindev 7  
-inchannels 8. Or the 4 Fireface channel by -audioindev 4 -inchannels  
4. But when I try to define both like this, -audioindev 4,7  
-inchannels 4,8 pd gives an error "separate audio device choice not  
supported\; using sequential devices."

-audioindev 4 -inchannels 12, does not work either.

So is it impossible to get the two different devices working  
simultaneously or is there some kind of hack?

Thanks for any help


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