[PD] 3gp videos with GEM on windows

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 14:44:09 CEST 2008

IOhannes m zmoelnig(e)k dio:
 > altern wrote:
 >> Hi
 >> I am using 3gp video with GEM on windows and linux. Under windows XP
 >> on some machines pix_film does not return the right video length in
 >> frames, it returns 1, testing with same video and patches in another
 >> machine returns the right length. Does this sound like some Windows
 >> issue? maybe some codec that needs to be installed? I need to find a
 >> format for video that works fine crossplatform.
 > is quicktime installed on both machines? which version?
 > (QuickTime is the preferred video decoder library on w32; if it is not
 > available it falls back to DirectShow; the libraries might behave
 > slightly different (though Gem tries hard to make them appear the same)

aha. this sounds like might be the way to investigate. I know i have QT 
installed but not sure about the second machine. I am going to ask. thanks.

 >> i also noticed since i upgraded to latest GEM that the 3pg videos play
 >> its sound after being loaded. This does not seem to be done via PD
 >> (sound is off), the sound plays once after the video is loaded. If the
 >> video being rendered the sounds keeps playing looped but chopped, with
 >> very short periodical interruptions.
 > as you are experiencing changes between versions it is always useful if
 > you can include information about the actual versions you are using (in
 > both cases); compile date _does_ matter!

i know, i know... but i dont have the second machine with me. I also am 
fairly sure we had both same version when I did the tests 0.39-3 
extended with GEM 0.91-cvs compiled Dec 11 2006. Pretty old one...
So I thought this error might be more to do with some codec not being 
installed on the system, or some windows version issue. I am going to 
try to get more info on the second system.

 > anyhow, i thought i had fixed the audio-playback via the quicktime
 > decoder (no Pd involved) in recent builds (the CVS-commit dates to
 > 2008/05/09)

thank you very much!


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