[PD] problems with pix_record?

Antti Poikola (TML) antti.poikola at tml.hut.fi
Mon Jun 9 13:16:19 CEST 2008


The pix_record object doesn't seem to work properly. It doesn't record 
anything and when I send the "codeclist" message to the object I get:

recordQT : 23 codecs installed
recordQT : pjpeg codec 23 1785750887 65816 ctype
[pix_record]: codec0: '(null)': (null)
[pix_record]: codec1: '(null)': (null)
[pix_record]: codec2: '(null)': (null)
the list continues up to codec22.

My system is:
Windows XP
Pd version 0.39.3-extended
GEM: ver: 0.91-cvs
I checked with a codec reporting utility (SHERLOCK - The Codec 
Detective) that I have several video codecs installed ranging from AVI 
to DivX, MPEG-4, QT and many others.

Punchic described earlier the same problem 

Is there some known issue in the pix_record object in the windows 
version and some solution? Roman Haefeli suggested to:

>a) try different gem binaries from pd-extended for your operating
>system. maybe there is one that works.
>b) check out gem sources from cvs and compile it yourself. therefor you
>need to have the appropriate libs installed (quicktime and friends)
>c) use [pix_write] instead of [pix_record] and create a sequence of
>images. then use a dedicated tool (like 'mplayer') to create a movie
>file from the image sequence. 

For me these solution sound a bit "random". At least it would be nice to 
know which gem version has the functioning pix_record or if the problem 
is somewhere else.



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