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Sun Jun 15 21:11:27 CEST 2008


We're happy to announce that the 1st milestone of the new pure:dyne has
been reached: pure:dyne miso :)



Project News

We are still working hard on packaging more software, porting features
from the previous system and also adding new ones! As a matter of fact, 
we'll be having our second code sprint this week to start developing 
the next milestone: leek & potato.


Feedback and Review

Feedback on miso is very important at this stage and, as you can see
in the issue tracker (https://devel.goto10.org/puredyne/report/1), we
are already aware of a certain number of things to fix ;)
We also have started working on a whole new documentation and If you want 
to help us fix and improve pure:dyne, make sure you read our little 
guideline :) -> https://devel.goto10.org/puredyne/wiki/DocTicket


Join the project!

We are always happy to welcome new people willing to contribute on the
documentation, software packaging and the Live system. 
Contact us at puredyne-team at goto10.org !


Free/Libre/Open Source Soup of the day: Miso

  * 25 ml miso paste
  * 10 g wakame (dried seaweed)
  * 140 g soft tofu or extra firm silken tofu
  * 500 ml vegetarian dashi (seaweed stock)
  * 2 spring onions

1. Heat at high heat the dashi in a large saucepan or pot
2. Place the seaweed into a small bowl with water. Wait a bit so it get
   soaked all right.
3. Melt the miso in a cup with a little bit of dashi from the pot. 
   When it's melted, pour it in the pot and stir.
4. Cut the tofu into into small (but not too small) cubes. Add them in 
   the pot and turn the heat down (it must stop boiling)
5. Add the wakame in the pot to the pan.
6. Serve the miso soup in bowls. 
7. Chop up the spring onions and garnish the bowls.
8. Serve while booting pure:dyne



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