[PD] XML audio to pd

j milo taylor milo at suborg.net
Mon Jun 16 14:48:04 CEST 2008

I'm working with an XML database (well in fact an X3D realtime immersive 
A-V environment)

i have audio files referenced with this database

is there a way that these streams(?) can be sent to pd to be manipulated?
at any one time there may be several

so from X3D i would have something like

<AudioClip DEF="575" url="audio/Dunn_David-Rainfall.wav" />
<AudioClip DEF="1414" url="audio/Westerkamp-1981-transformations-a 
<AudioClip DEF="2247" 
url="audio/throbbing_gristle-1981-we_hate_you_little_girls.wav" />

as well as empty elements, like

<AudioClip DEF="2251" url="" />

Any thoughts?
All the best

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