[PD] DMX oriented library for PD?

Chris lists at proquariat.de
Thu Jun 19 15:02:00 CEST 2008

Hi Vincent,

24 channels shouldn't be a problem with any device available. At 24 
channels you should get refresh-rates of max. 868 Hz. Even half of it is 
still good.
uDMX is really cheap if built yourself. Both devices are buffered. For 
both Pd-externals do exist, too. But I don't really know about their 
performance, but uDMX seemed a bit faster to me, the Enttec-one had all 
that terminal-emulaion-overhead of the ftdi-chip, but I'm working on a 
libusb-version of it. I didn't really tested and I don't own an 
Enttec-device so I can't test.

But at 24 channels it really shouldn't matter. If you don't want to 
spend much money, build a uDMX-device (less than 10€, maybe less than 
5€). Just don't (!) buy yourself the enttec-open-dmx-device, it's not 
worth it.


Vincent Rioux wrote:
> Hi,
> Wtf2osc sounds really interesting.
> I would like to be able to send pretty fast values on 24 channels.
> What would be the best Enttec-DMX-USB-Pro or the uDMX?
> Do you know which rate can reach this boxes?
> by advance thanks,
> Vincent

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