[PD] tape-like transport emulation (search for external)

errordeveloper at gmail.com errordeveloper at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 23:31:43 CEST 2008

hello list!

i got back to pd after a little break ;)

i had made a few recording which i had been trying to master in Snd,
but Snd has weired set of options which i like ..but sometimes it's
really unstreightforward ;(

so .. basically i just came with an idea of a mastering suit, i mean a
set of abstraction which would have quite similar approach as you do
have in recording studio!
first thing i need right now is a mixdown patch, which is nearly ready;
i wnna mix 4chan -> stereo. the panning and amplification are implemented
(well, in a weired way, but i like it that way).
the concept is to do all in pd, cause i couldn't get jackd running and
just don't want it really.
i'm sure pd is capable for doing most of what i need and this is a
proof-of-concept project actually ;)

so i wish to do some editing in Snd and the do live-mode mixdown iside pd.

i have got it working quite ok with [readsf~], but it takes only play and
stop control commands ;[

*IDEALY*, i'd wish to have tape-like transport with timecode and all
other imaginable features, ..
but actually the timecode and marking ..etc could be implemented
externaly with basic objects ;)
i really need some external which could rewind and fastforward with the
sound like tape makes ..surely that will  be fun for others as well!

i couldn't find anything really ..

can quite imagine the way of doing it with [soundfiler] and a set of
tables ..but i reckon that isn't quite right in case of 4 or 6 channel
files up to 10min (oor even longer).
again, surely many people are gonna suggest to use jackd and jamin,
but as i have just said  - i'm traying to implement a pure data
mastering suit ;]

does anybody know an external which would do that kind of thing?

ilya .д 

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