[PD] Someone want to port this to GEM?

vade doktorp at mac.com
Fri Jun 20 00:24:01 CEST 2008


I just released a plugin for Quartz Composer with source. It provides  
a bit of a hackish way to move textures from one 'VJ' (god I hate that  
term) app, to another. Basically, its glorified screen capture, but it  
stays on the GPU. You can use it to 'sample' a texture from anything  
on screen.


Its *very* fast because it does no readback. On my system I am able to  
capture full res 1440x900 (my whole screen) at a solid 60fps. Perhaps  
a GEM dev could port it - I'd attempt it, but I imagine someone could  
quite easily do this.. It could be very useful to the communities to  
have a method to move video to and fro from GEM to other environments  
and back. (although, its hardly an ideal method).

Ive used it to move Processing output, Jitter output, GEM output to  
Quartz Composer sans issue.

You have my blessings to port it, share on, and Peace.

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