[PD] get sample length for setting array size

Bryan Jurish moocow at ling.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Jun 20 00:23:05 CEST 2008

moin robert,

[readsf~] and [readanysf~] will both read directly from the filesystem.
 [readanysf~] is more flexible, but was acting a bit flaky last time I
had to compile it (sorry, can't be more specific at the moment; too many
ecstatic football fans in my neighborhood) ;-)


On 2008-06-19 23:03:24, smilingmolecule <smilingmolecule at web.de> appears
to have written:
> Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:
>> [openpanel]
>> |
>> "read -resize $1 my-table"
>> |
>> [soundfiler]
>> |
>> new length of table
>> Hope this helps,
>> Claude
> hey claude,
> you helped me a lot.
> the only thing i realize now, is that pd slows down when the sample size 
> is to great.
> is there an alternative to play long samples?
> thanks a lot.
> /robert

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