[PD] issues with [readsf~]/[writesf~]

errordeveloper at gmail.com errordeveloper at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 05:26:26 CEST 2008


i just want to report a few bugs that i can spot with
the [readsf~]/[writesf~] couple ..

	i have already wrote about this, and i'll write again, cause i'm
	very sure on this one.
	when i write a file with this command:
	[open -byte 4 -nextstep -little -rate 96000 /tmp/recording-ex01(
	it produces a file which is recognised by unix command file(1)
	as just a 'data' file, and then opening it in Snd editor it come
	up as a raw pcm and i set the header values and write the header
	to it, ..then file actualy gives this output:
	'/home/110101/mtk/rec/recording-ex01.snd: Sun/NeXT audio data: stereo, 96000 Hz'
	instead of '/tmp/recording-ex01.snd: data'
	so trying to load the modified header file into [readsf~]
	doesn't parse the header, but trying to load the unmodified one
	is okay.
	probably it's about endianes of the magic byte ..
	well.. it could be actually not a pd bug but Snd and file(1) bug
	.. but they are two, i'll try to check with other programms but
	it's a majority to me already.

	[readsf~] heppends to segfault Pd when i load my 4channel 10min
	lond file which was recorded with [writesf~] with above [open( command.
	i run Pd (version 0.41-4) on amd64 linux machine which has 1g of
	ram ..
	it segfaults in a big patch, which i'll hopefully manage to
	package soon ..it has really a lot of abstraction that i made
	and quite many subpatches.
	i did manage to get it working with some subpatches [switched~]
	off. so i think it's definetly some memory allocation problem in
	there, could be in soundfiler code, or may be in some other
	objects that i have there ..(there are many VUs which are now in
	[switch~]ed subpatches and when i'm kindda carefull it doesn't
	crash ;) 

well, anyhow i reckon that readsf~ needs some replacment for my purpose ..
cause the file is that big .. (du -hs reports 1022M)
perhaps, i could experiment on system with ONLY puredata running,
but there a lot of important processes which i cannot kill at the moment..

ilya .d 

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