[PD] seeking graphics for PD FLOSS Manual

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Mon Jun 23 16:38:37 CEST 2008

Dear PDeople,

I'm looking for a volunteer to do some simple graphics and icons for the
Pure Data FLOSS Manual. The general description of the images needed
follows. Please get in touch with me so we can discuss them a bit more
in depth if you are interested to help.

PD FLOSS Manual: http://flossmanuals.net/PureData/


# Pure Data
# Introduction

---cover image, important!

# WhatIsGraphicalProgramming

----icons/graphics to go with concepts in text
----icons of modular synth with patch cables or similar analog "patching"
----flowchart of inputs and outputs between PD and audio, MIDI, network,
video, Arduino/motors, etc
----chart describing relationship of PD to Externals

# WhatIsDigitalAudio

----icons/graphics to go with concepts in text
----icon of speaker cone movement
----icon of microphone to voltage to soundcard
----icon of soundcard to voltage to speaker movement
----icon of clipping audio (I can probably do this in PD)
----icon/graph illustrating Nyquist foldover (I can probably do this in PD)


ps... I'll be sending a call for people to contribute specific chapters 
soon as well....

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