[PD] better tabread4~

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jun 25 00:06:39 CEST 2008

bsoisoi wrote:
> I agree, being able to specify interpolation via an inlet message would 
> be great (from my users perspective).  

hmm, i am not totally convinced (but actually don't care) as this leads 
to bloated objects which can just do everything and you specify what 
they should do via parameters. why do we have objects then?

> That's what always bugged me about Reaktor's table object, you have to 
> right-click on the table in the setup and enable interpolation manually, 
> which to me is the equivalent and equally annoying to  specifying a 
> different object in Pd.  If you have many of these in your app hunting 
> is not very fun.

anyhow, now for something constructive:
you can always create an abstraction [tabread_tweaked~] that is like

[tabread~ $1]

and use this abstraction.
if you later decide that you do want interpolation just make the 
abstraction to be like

[tabread4~ $1]

et voila.

you could argue that then you would have to think of the variability 
beforehand; bit you would have to do this as well if you are using 
messages (unless you are up to hunting all the [tabread~] in your patch 
to add the special message)


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