[PD] Ratts object on OSX

Bryan Jurish moocow at ling.uni-potsdam.de
Sat Jun 28 15:52:04 CEST 2008

moin dh,

yep, all of these objects are defined by the ratts library.  Just to get
the obligatory question out of the way, are you starting pd with "-path
/my/externs/dir -lib ratts"?  and does /my/externs/dir contain
"ratts.pd_WHATEVER" ?  (assumedly "ratts.pd_darwin" for osx) ?  If so,
do you see a message like:

 ratts: Realtime Analog Text-To-Speech externals v0.07 by Bryan Jurish
 ratts: Based on text-to-speech code by Nick Ing-Simmons and Jon Iles
 ratts: and PD external code by Orm Finnendahl and Travis Newhouse
 ratts: compiled by USER on DATE

on the pd console at startup?


On 2008-06-28 01:39:11, dh254 <dh254 at nyu.edu> appears to have written:
> hmmm, when i add just the one ratts~ object to a new patch, I get the
> console output below, so it seems like maybe none of the objects are
> being created?
> ratts
> ... couldn't create
>  klatt~ mspf 5
> ... couldn't create
>  rattshread $1-dict
> ... couldn't create
>  number2text
> ... couldn't create
>  guessphones
> ... couldn't create
>  phones2holmes
> ... couldn't create
>  rattstok
> ... couldn't create
>  toupper
> ... couldn't create
>  spellout
> ... couldn't create
>  holmes
> ... couldn't create
> when I do a find last error, I get: "no findable error yet"
> -DH

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