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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Jun 30 19:18:32 CEST 2008

Matt Barber hat gesagt: // Matt Barber wrote:

> Cons first:
> 1)  No matter what, the argument will be somewhat opaque, and some
> people (myself included) would probably have a hard time easily
> remembering what the arguments mean, which ones are available, and
> why.

Actually this could be an argument for using only a single object that
accepts arguments: All of the args could be documented in a single
help file, which is fast to open, and the only thing to remember would
be one object name.

> 4)  We haven't proven that an exhaustive set is even desirable. 

Good question. ;)

> 5)  This would force the user to apply an array name if they wanted to
> set the interpolation.  Same with the class method "set."  Also,
> having a numeral or a symbol to call the interpolation (3 vs. 3d)
> might make things tough to implement -- this could be changed.

An alternative might be "keyword arguments" as used in [declare -lib x
-path y] which is the same as [declare -path y -lib x] regardless of

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