[PD] pd clicking with jack/linux

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 01:00:05 CEST 2008

I would check which processes are running on the background, Ubuntu has 
scheduled some processes that interfere with the sound process. In my 
laptop it was specially problematic updatedb and some wifi related 
processes. Now I only get problems when i use the realtime kernel. the 
normal one works fine enough for me.


Derek Holzer(e)k dio:
> I run PD as root (not sudo, but real root) for click-free operation. But 
> Ubuntu has this weird thing where you can't be root, you can only sudo. 
> Very strange... anyways, worth a try.
> I also use fluxbox with very little else going on in the GUI. Spent 
> almost a year tuning Linux to get really optimum performance for live 
> gigs and recording situations, really the idea is that less is more. 
> Ubuntu/Red Hat/SuSE etc just have too many processes (especially 
> graphical ones that cause interruptions) running at once, IMHO.
> best,
> D.
> patrick wrote:
>> hi,
>> i don't use pd-extended, but i think it's almost the same. the only 
>> option missing is: -nosleep (useful for dual-core).
>> so be sure in qjackctl - setup:
>> Realtime
>> Periods/Buffer: 2
>> Sample Rate: 44100 (or more)
>> Frames/Period: 256 (i am running at 64 without glitches)
>> then for pd:
>> pd -rt -jack -r 44100 -nosleep -audiobuf 256 -channels 16 -alsamidi 
>> -mididev 1 etc...
>> and finally, be sure to edit /etc/security/limits.conf:
>> @audio          -       rtprio          99
>> @audio          -       memlock         unlimited
>> @audio          -       nice            -20
>> and of course, add yourself to audio group (reboot to be sure). let us know.
>> ah yes, a long time ago i was using icewm, because gnome was causing 
>> glitches in pd. but now it seems ok here.
>> pat
>> Atte André Jensen wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I get clicks and "DIO errors" at random intervals under linux/ubuntu 
>>> with jack (no xruns). I have a 17ms latency setup with jack and a 
>>> realtime patched kernel and the rest of my audio setup works great with 
>>> jack.
>>> I installed pd from Pd-0.40.3-extended-20080628-ubuntu-gutsy-i386.deb
>>> Any one else running a similar pd with a similar setup and either have 
>>> it working or experience the same problems?
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