[PD] pd clicking with jack/linux

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Tue Jul 1 08:57:26 CEST 2008

And if waving a dead chicken over the laptop would have been empirically 
proven before my own eyes to get better performance, I would have done 
that too.

I don't remember how exactly I arrived at my choice of distro, kernel 
flags, window manager or decision to run all critical audio apps as 
root. Bad geek that I am. But I can say I spent a year (back when I was 
a good geek and cared about this stuff) researching how to get the best 
I could out of PD + Linux on my own hardware and for my own purposes, 
and these are the things I learned. Laugh if you like.


ydegoyon wrote:
> Derek Holzer wrote:
>> I run PD as root (not sudo, but real root) 
> do you think there is a difference?
> ok we enter mysticism,
> do you burn some incent too before starting your machine_?
> well, hey
> sevy

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