[PD] [PD-announce] support for Sony SIXAXIS on GNU/Linux

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Jul 1 10:39:41 CEST 2008

So it turns out that the drivers for the Sony SIXAXIS controller are  
now included in the Linux kernel.  So if you have kernel version  
2.6.24, then you can just plug it in, and it'll be fully recognized.   
And even better, [hid] gets all of the data from it, except for the  
accelerometer.  So I wrote [sixaxis], which is meant to be used in  
conjunction with [hid], to get the accelerometer data.

This controller is unusual because all of its buttons are also  
pressure sensitive.  That means for each button, you also get an  
analog report between 0 255.  You can get this first version in SVN  
or here, built for i386:




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