[PD] pd clicking with jack/linux

Phil Stone pkstone at ucdavis.edu
Tue Jul 1 22:06:38 CEST 2008

Matt Barber wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 12:15 PM, Phil Stone <pkstone at ucdavis.edu> wrote:
>> Matt Barber wrote:
>>> Depending on what your patch
>>> does, you can often put much of the "engine" of your patch in
>>> subpatches, and then make a "control surface" with sends and receives.
>>>  Those can be split up, too: for instance if you have the need for a
>>> "mixer" and a "reverb module," the surfaces for those things can be
>>> put in different subpatches so that they only take up cpu when you
>>> decide to have them open to use them.
>> That's a good design principle.  I just wish there were an easy one-click
>> way to open subpatches while performing.  There are some hacks, but nothing
>> standard, as far as I know.
> If you have a subpatch, say [pd GUI-mixer], you can send it a "vis 1" message:
> [vis 1 (
>  |
> [send pd-GUI-mixer]
> "vis 0" closes.
> You can put all of this in this kind of message:
> ;
> pd-GUI-mixer vis 1
> You can then put a graphical bng or tgl on the main surface and route
> it to that message somewhere in a subpatch (I often put the GUI
> control stuff in a separate module).

Thank you for the excellent tip, Matt.  I shall try this out.


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