[PD] pd clicking with jack/linux

Matt Barber brbrofsvl at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 07:18:49 CEST 2008

> Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 23:23:44 +0200
> From: Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org>
> Subject: Re: [PD] pd clicking with jack/linux
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> Hallo,
> Matt Barber hat gesagt: // Matt Barber wrote:
>> Depending on what your patch does, you can often put much of the
>> "engine" of your patch in subpatches, and then make a "control
>> surface" with sends and receives.
> Note that GUI objects even in subpatches can lead to more CPU use. At
> least I once managed to make a patch perform much better by removing a
> lot of [bng] objects hidden in abstractions or subpatches. The example
> is somehwere in the list archive, maybe I can find it again.

I don't know the code well enough, but I could imagine the following:

What would happen to the CPU usage if you had replaced the [bng]
objects with [bang] objects?  Or is the architecture such that an
object only computes if its outlet is connected to something?  If
that's the case, I could imagine that another difference between
[bang] and [bng] might be that the [bng] always has to compute the
bang whether or not its outlet is connected -- maybe it would have
more to do with this than just its being graphical.  But really I
don't know, just speculating late at night.



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