[PD] Video with embedded audio track

ydegoyon ydegoyon at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 13:50:20 CEST 2008

Andre Cardozo wrote:
> Hello all,
> I´m working on a project which requires some videos to be displayed on
> screens, along with their corresponding soundtracks.
> I do know how to use GEM to display and manipulate the videos, but as
> far as I know GEM ignores the embedded audio tracks, as is a
> visuals-only library.
> So the questions are: is it possible to display/manipulate a video AND
> its correspondent/embedded audio track together, maybe using another
> library or objects? or do I have to extract the audio from the AVI
> file, handle audio and video separately and synchronize them?
i would recommend here to encode your video to theora
( ffmpeg2theora ) and to use [pdp_theorin],
for i'm not trusting libquictime so much..

the only drowback is that theora decoding is very CPU demanding
but with w recent machine, it should be ok

> Thanks
> Andre
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