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= RJ Sprint, July 2008 =


= Kickstart interactive music =

RJ is an interactive music format for the iphone and other mobile  
devices. The goal of the project is to turn interactive music into a  
consumer format.

? RJ tracks are mainly consumed with headphones. Think of it as the  
next generation of walkman or mp3 player. The consumer experience of  
RJ is similar to the effects of drugs. Drugs affect our sensory  
perception, so does RJ. RJ is a mind twisting hearing sensation.?

= Open doors =

RJ is built on a number of open source components and most parts of  
the project will be open sourced in return. RJ tracks are composed  
using pure data (PD). The RJ player has direct access to the online  
repository of RJ tracks. Of course we want as much people as possible  
to participate in this and create RJ tracks.

= RJ sprint =

The first RJ sprint is focused on people who want to produce RJ tracks  
using Pure Data. We will provide RJ-Know-How and sufficient tools. You  
should be a fluid PD user with a music background. For this first  
sprint we are looking for 5 to 10 people. Your feedback will have  
direct impact on the development of the RJ format, player and  
composition tools.
Right now we can offer to you not more and not less than being among  
the first RJs. Your RJ tracks will be the first tracks downloadable on  
the RJ player. If we manage to turn RJ into a success story, your name  
and your tracks will be part of this success.

= Welcome =

The event is the first of a number of sprints hosted by Michael  
Breidenbruecker, Guenter Geiger, Paul Brossier and Amaury Hazan. It  
takes place in Bizau, Austria on a hopefully sunny weekend in the  
scenic landscape of the austrian alps.
Of course we will cover the costs of your traveling from and to Bizau,  
accommodation and food during the event.
We would be very delighted to welcome you and a number of fellow RJs  
in Bizau. Please let or Guenter or Michael know as soon as possible if  
you are interested and we will contact you concerning details.

Date: 11, 12, 13 July 2008;
Location: Bizau, Austria
Hotel: Hotel Taube

If you want to join us, please contact
geiger at realityjockey.com or michael at realityjockey.com

More info at www.realityjockey.com

Michael Breidenbruecker, Günter Geiger, Paul Brossier, Amaury Hazan.

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