[PD] why bother...

Andre Schmidt andre at osku.de
Thu Jul 3 17:52:19 CEST 2008

hello pd world,

i have now come to the conclusion that FLOSS coding is just wasting my
time, as i don't want to get abused by some dirty closed-source
shameless bastards. so i won't be evolving this cool idea anymore:

SimSUI - a Simple SVG User Interface - http://osku.de/simsui

but as my first intention was to let it communicate with pd (add OSC to
vanilla pd already!;), i would like to dedicate that small idea/code to
pd(-list), my first open-source love...

i could say "do what ever you want with that (lousy) code", but as long
as closed-source is not illegal, every one can do what ever they want
with every code, so no use to say the obvious...

ask me again when the revolution starts!

p.s. some ass holes has/will probably software patented the idea anyway,
so why bother...

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