[PD] [PD-announce] Pd-0.40.3-extended-rc2 released

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Jul 4 10:37:46 CEST 2008

Luke Iannini wrote:
> So, sorry to pick on the hexloader some more : ) but it seems it is
> the culprit.  Can anyone confirm?

it makes sense.

could you send me the complete output of the pd-console when loading 
your patch with "-verbose". (might get big; so zip it and send it to me 
privately; or put it somewhere online...)

i am not sure how to handle the problem generally yet.
ideas are:
- remove the recursive library search in hexloader (no more hexloading 
for non-C externals; who is using that anyhow? libdir doesn't seem to 
like hexloader so much anyhow)
- remove the the HEXLOADER_PATCHES functionality (it seems to be not 
working anyhow)
- remove the entire hexloader quirks and just claim that you cannot 
write objects with filenames containing special characters.

after all the endless struggles with hexloader, i start tending towards 
the last one...


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