[PD] mrpeach osc - pipelist question

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 6 17:03:09 CEST 2008

Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> Martin Peach hat gesagt: // Martin Peach wrote:
>> Frank Barknecht wrote:
>>> Hallo,
>>> Martin Peach hat gesagt: // Martin Peach wrote:
>>>> Strange I don't get that using Pd 0.40.3-extended-20080308, just using 
>>>> the packOSC-help and routeOSC-help patches. I think maybe different 
>>>> versions of pd differ in their use of the 'list' selector.
>>> That would be a desaster. 
>>> I checked pipelist.c, and it doesn't have a method for "anythings", so
>>> it cannot handle meta-mnessages. 
>> True, but [pipelist] has a list method and [routeOSC] outputs lists, 
> The help-patch for routeOSC has a [unpackOSC] before the [pipelist],
> and [unpackOSC] sends meta-messages without "list" selector. There is
> some commented code which uses "outlet_list", though, but active is
> "outlet_anything".
> But anyway routeOSC also outputs meta-messages unless you have
> messages starting with a number (which are autoconverted to lists by
> Pd). At least in attached example my version of routeOSC (current
> svn-trunk) routes to the the left outlet of [route a]. list-messages
> would go to the right outlet, as the example on the right shows.

Aaargh... I was looking at an older version of [unpackOSC], before it 
was modified (zmoelnig's patch 1959417). I guess the best solution is to 
make [pipelist] accept lists without the list selector (aka 
meta-messages) then. I think it would be even better if [pipe] would 
pipe lists and meta-messages too, so there would be no need for a 
separate [pipelist].

I'm getting the feeling that list is becoming deprecated in favour of 
meta-messages, since the 'list' selector is redundant. Is that right?


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