[PD] print all abstractions and externals

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 8 10:58:57 CEST 2008

>> I meant the latest usable (which I have installed) builds of  
>> pd-extended, and the last version of  
>> pd-vanilla-without-documentation-about-data-strucutures-and-so-on (also  
>> being unfair).
>> I haven't being using pd too much these days for sound, but in the last  
>> builds of pd-ext I didn't notice anything that was behind pd-van.  
>> before I was using pd-van .41 because of the symbol grab feature in the  
>> data structures (which I only know about because I requested it, it's  
>> not documented). as this feature is now possible in the current build  
>> of pd-ext, I notice no differences between them.
> ok, but this seems to be a bit subjective evaluation.

it's not scientific at all, and I haven't been following the news.

> by any chance, you are not running an amd64 system? (this is getting hot  
> ground for me, as i am not so sure whether PdX actually does have some  
> x86_64 patches incorporated; but chances are low....)

my new desktop is a 64 d-core intel, I have windows and ubuntu there. it's  
still new, so I didn't work much with it so far. in windows works well,  
but I can't get ubuntu to access my quite normal home network, so I didn't  
got further on that. I can do some testing, if you want (just tell me what  
to do).

> and you are probably also not very interested in audio-computation on  
> demand...

my stuff isn't the most demanding in terms of cpu. I either play in my  
trio www.endphase.net (our patches aren't that heavy), or for my private  
composition tools, which in these days do more information than audio  
processing. I never even opened up a vst plugin in pd so far, and I'm  
happy with latency of 70ms in windows for now (didn't fiddled enough in  
ubuntu to try to bring it lower than that).

> after all, if you don't need all the list-stuff and  
> multiple-dollarg-expansion ($1-$2), you might as well not notice a  
> difference between 0.39 and 0.40....

I can't even be sure of what you're talking about, so probably I don't (or  
maybe I would, if I was aware of it?). Were they properly documented  
The one detail that made me stick to pd-van-.41 for a while was the  
"symbol" option in [struct] and the [set -symbol] feature (because of an  
important patch for me) - which I only know about because I asked for it  
(it's not documented, I think). Besides that I don't know exactly what are  
the benefits.

But in a general remark I would say that pd-ext is making a very big step  
in improving the quality of the interface and its integration in the  
system (I speak mainly of windows) - as also with the developper  
community. That's an important step for users that aren't willing to make  
a big effort to stick with pd or have better things to do with their time  
[please don't bring up the "if they would really want it..." argument].  
pd-van should check that out and try to catch up at some time as well (or  
just fuse into pd-ext, if there are no differences in quality - I'm not  
qualified to judge that).


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