[PD] print all abstractions and externals

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jul 8 11:26:09 CEST 2008

João Pais wrote:
>> by any chance, you are not running an amd64 system? (this is getting 
>> hot ground for me, as i am not so sure whether PdX actually does have 
>> some x86_64 patches incorporated; but chances are low....)
> my new desktop is a 64 d-core intel, I have windows and ubuntu there. 

i was trying to say that you are obviously not trying to run a native 
64bit system (with a 64bit kernel and running Pd as 64bit application)

the good thing about amd64/emt64 is, that they can also run 32bit (i386).

anyhow, if you want to run Pd in as a native 64bit app, you will need 

>> after all, if you don't need all the list-stuff and 
>> multiple-dollarg-expansion ($1-$2), you might as well not notice a 
>> difference between 0.39 and 0.40....
> I can't even be sure of what you're talking about, so probably I don't 
> (or maybe I would, if I was aware of it?). Were they properly documented 
> somewhere?

it's not necessarily a matter of documentation (though both have been 
discussed on this list so many times, that at least the list-archives 
should serve well as documentation :-)). what i wanted to say is, that 
if you don't care for any _new_ feature, then it is clear that you will 
not see a difference between a version w/ and one lacking these features.

> their time [please don't bring up the "if they would really want it..." 
> argument]. pd-van should check that out and try to catch up at some time 

i am not trying to start another religious war here.


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