[PD] delay problems

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Jul 8 19:10:41 CEST 2008

Ricardo Dueñas Parada hat gesagt: // Ricardo Dueñas Parada wrote:

> Sometimes the object delay doesn't work correctly, I mean, if I put a 500,
> I expect to have a 500 ms bang delay. And it does, but when it wants.
> Other times it just let the bang pass, as with 0 delay.
> Most of the times it happens when I have a delay right after an inlet,
> seriously I don?t know what could be happening.
> I correct it by changing the value of the delay, usually to 1000, and it works
> correctly, then I rewrite the correct value.

I'm pretty sure that [delay] in Pd works correctly, unless there are
new bugs, which everyone and their sister would already shout about by
now in an object as important as delay.  

If it works correctly, the only reason for the behaviour you describe
that I can think of is that you are sending a number instead of a bang
to [delay] at certain times. 

Sending a number to the delay on *both* inlets will change the delay
time. The change happens immediatly, if you send the number to the
hot, left inlet, and on the next bang, if you used the cold inlet for
the number.

You could insert a [bang] object before the [delay] to get rid of the
numbers, but maybe first find out, where the numbers come from.

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