[PD] ann: pd as the engine for our class installation

John Harrison john.harrison at wichita.edu
Thu Jul 10 07:04:50 CEST 2008

This semester I taught a course where Engineers and Artists worked 
together to create interactive art. For the final project we took over 
an art gallery and built a virtual environment using 12 computers, 12 
speakers, 12 projectors and several Arduinos. We built and networked 
everything in Pd/GEM. Unfortunately the video doesn't capture much of 
the very cool sounds of the environment, but at least you will see the 
networked sparklers running in GEM.

I hope you enjoy:

I am so grateful for Pd as a resource for me, my classes and my 
community. I send this hoping that perhaps a developer or 2 will find it 
gratifying to see some of the work that we are able to accomplish with 
this amazing tool.


John Harrison

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