[PD] using alternative preference files

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Jul 11 05:08:58 CEST 2008

Try the new app maker on the Mac OS X builds, you'll need a very  
recent build otherwise it has a bug in it that prevents it from  
working.  It'll automatically create a .app with your name, and  
include an embedded prefs file.

I haven't touched -nogui on Mac OS X in a very long time.  I  
basically only use Debian for running real projects, especially  
installations.  I only use Mac OS X for the mundane day-to-day things  
like email, calendar, palm pilot syncing, etc.


On Jul 10, 2008, at 3:34 PM, marius schebella wrote:

> hi,
> I am planning to ship a striped down standalone pd versions that will
> provide a one click option to start a patch+interface. This will allow
> to run patches like applications without depending on any user
> preferences. Everything comes out of the box. It turns out that  
> this is
> much easier on windows than on osx. (sorry, no tests on linux yet).  
> One
> thing I don't know right now is where I find the settings which  
> plist pd
> will use. I know that pd vanilla and pd-extended are using different
> plist files, is that defined in pd.tk? I need to provide a preferences
> file that has the -nogui option plus a relative path to the patch that
> should be started...
> hans, do you have some (online) docs, how the pd.apps are created? I
> know that the startup process of pd is slightly different than on osx
> (wish starting pd), I wonder if I have to change the app if I want to
> run a -nogui version?
> thanks again for any help.
> marius.
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