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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Jul 11 20:24:33 CEST 2008

IOhannes m zmoelnig hat gesagt: // IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> João Pais wrote:
> > I meant the latest usable (which I have installed) builds of 
> > pd-extended, and the last version of 
> > pd-vanilla-without-documentation-about-data-strucutures-and-so-on (also 
> > being unfair).
> > I haven't being using pd too much these days for sound, but in the last 
> > builds of pd-ext I didn't notice anything that was behind pd-van. before 
> > I was using pd-van .41 because of the symbol grab feature in the data 
> > structures (which I only know about because I requested it, it's not 
> > documented). as this feature is now possible in the current build of 
> > pd-ext, I notice no differences between them.
> ok, but this seems to be a bit subjective evaluation.

To add a rant to the subjective evaluation: For an installation I
currently have to run Pd on a Mac.  We chose pd-extended as it has a
good integration into OS-X, and as some of the other installations
that will be shown on that machine need the externals pd-extended has

I don't need many externals, but the most important one isn't missing
in pd-extended: pdlua, but as a "hardcore user" I could install it.

But here we stumbled over another important difference between 0.40
and 0.41: 

EXTERN void class_set_extern_dir(t_symbol *s);

was introduced to m_pd.h in 0.41, iirc. At least it's missing in 0.40.

This function is used by pdlua to find lua-modules in the patch's
directory instead of in the LUAPATH only, which becomes more important
because it's overly complicated to start pd on OS-X (and on
MS-Windows) from the command line in a certain working directory as
I'm used to from Linux.

Somehow I didn't manage to make the package.path trick work, which I
myself suggested as a fix once on pd-list, so in the end we copied
every lua-module to /usr/local/share/lua/5.1. 

As this installation involves 80-channel output, we also run jack, and
cross our fingers that everything will hold up. In general I must say,
working on the bloated OS-X is no joy for someone used to a snappy
lean Linux system. If only the Fireface would support Linux...

Rant end. ;)

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