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Mario Mora maredmo at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 19:56:01 CEST 2008

i have used dynebolic+puredyne in live situations, with really good
performance, also i have used ubuntu studio (hardy) for graphics and audio,
and for me, it works ok,
what i like:
Updated very frequently, the guys work hard fixing things and trying to
improve the distro
i like the concept of "just use it", don't mess with kernel stuff and
compiling things, so you have time for the fun stuff
Apt-get works great, just search for the app, install and use it
Many of the interesting audio/video apps are ready to use
Great support from the ubuntu community
Good graphics support

what i don't like:
Sometimes things get broken when you do an update , so you have to wait for
a couple of days until a new update comes

by the way fedora/ccrma distro is solid as a rock in audio, but it lacks
good 3d support, now if you can compile the needed drivers, you should
consider it.



2008/7/13 Derek Holzer <derek at umatic.nl>:

> Hey gang,
> In a search for distraction from the project I'm really supposed to be
> working on, I decided to update my (until now stable but very outdated)
> Gentoo media editing machine. A couple days of circular package blocks,
> missing dependencies and vanishing libraries later, I'm really curious
> why I once decided it was a good idea to compile everything myself ;-)
> (Note to Gentooers: "emerge --update --deep world" once a month, or get
> the thing stable and never touch it again! If you wait too long, and
> your current packages go out of Portage, it can be hellish!).
> So if and when this machine is hosed, what would be a good distro to put
> on it? I don't feel much like the super-hacker I was a four or five
> years ago when I got into Gentoo, but I like a distro that I can
> configure to be extremely minimal and transparent. And what is
> absolutely necessary is that it has well-configured versions of all the
> audio softs that I depend on, such as Ardour (w/ VST support!), Jamin,
> LADSPAs, JACK, etc. Realtime/prempt kernel = A-OK. Ability to use
> PD-Extended is of course a plus, and also the ability to mount HFS+
> drives without destroying them (as Ubuntu has done to me in the past) is
> also necessary.
> I looked at Ubuntu Studio, but I wanted to ask who actually uses it.
>  From the page it seems like maybe it's not well-maintained, and that's
> another requirement for me after messing around with different
> audio-related overlays for Portage that eventually get abandoned.
> If Ubuntu Studio isn't the right one, can anyone suggest another option?
> My last criteria is that it has a coherent user community and excellent
> docs (strongest point of Gentoo, and from what I recall a weak point of
> straight Debian, IMHO).
> thx + best!
> D.
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