[PD] Real Time Kernel Debian

Ede Cameron ecameron at videotron.ca
Tue Jul 15 20:02:19 CEST 2008

On 15-Jul-08, at 3:13 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> Ede Cameron wrote:
>>   Okay after my third attempt and second complete re-install..  
>> does  any-one have links, suggestions about installing a real time  
>> kernel.
> 1 are you absolutely sure you need a real-time kernel or do you  
> just think so, because this word keeps buzzing around? have you  
> tried a _recent_ kernel instead (>=2.6.24), imho they have fairly  
> good behaviour
       Need was never my motivation. Perhaps more a "how-to" motivation.

> 2 are you building your kernel with initrd support; you really  
> should do so when re-using an upstream kernel configuration, as  
> most of the kernel-drivers are built as modules and you will want  
> to load them in order to access (e.g.) your harddisk (to load  
> further modules!); you have to add the "--initrd" to make-kpk
      Yes I think my kernel build is right and I used --initrd. My  
problem now lies more in yaboot which only recognizes two operating  
systems Mac Os X and linux. There is no grub boot. So there is no  
option to boot into different kernel versions only operating systems  
But with --initrd does this mean I could disable the original kernel  
in "/boot" and only boot the rt custom kernel?

> 3 this is not exactly a Pd question, is it? have you considered [Pd- 
> ot] or a debian and/or kernel-specific group?
           Done. If any one replies please reply to pd-ot. I'm a bit  
intimidated by the kernel sites I've seen...
  thought some one might have had same problem.. Sorry
> gamsdr
> IOhannes

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