[PD] Free rotation in GEM

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Wed Jul 16 06:16:04 CEST 2008


> Well, that's sort of it, if you use the name 'matrix' as taken from 
> Jitter, or as taken from a plain linear algebra system that has been 
> expanded to higher-order structures.

I was referring to matrix as in linear algebra like you mentioned.
I no nothing about features that Jitter has.

/* O/T
This was one of the topics in math which I missed out in high school.
(Hey, wasn't goofing off.. schedules were conflicting with biology 
classes :)
Now that I've got a grasp of what they are good for in real (or virtual) 
life, I enjoyed spending the last week or so studying math putting 
patching aside. :(

>> Anyway, understanding its marvelous potentials, I have lately been stuck
>> with Windows platforms. At least I got your point that utilizing
>> GridFlow only for crunching numbers may work but not so efficient.
> No, you didn't get my point. I was talking about quaternions in 
> particular, and not even in comparison to how else you could possibly do 
> any quaternions in Pd.
> Well, GridFlow is fine for number crunching, but it depends what. I 
> don't recall anything in Pd that directly supports quaternions. 
> Depending on what plugins you can use, you may or may not have a way to 
> cook your own quaternions. I suspect that it's doable in GridFlow and 
> less doable with other plugins, as it is usually the case, but I don't 
> know.

Got it.

>> This also calls for a method of summing the rotations when applying 
>> multiple times (and my current understanding is that this can only be 
>> done by multiplying the quaternion on each rotation)
> yeah.

Great, I wasn't quite sure on that.

Thanks again Mathieu, I think you've gifted me enough bases to start 
building thoughts on this.

David Shimamoto

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