[PD] really annoying question about tildes~

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jul 16 13:03:13 CEST 2008

hard off wrote:
> oh sorry i should have been clearer.  yes i was referring to >~ and <~ 
> specifically. pd vanilla can load both the > and < characters, and 
> tilde~ characters too.    but pd extended can't load them together as 
> part of the zexy library.
> iohannes, i really appreciate all your hard work, and maybe my original 
> mail looks a bit grouchy.  

no it's fine with me.
it just seems like everybody seems to blame zexy for things it is 
innocent of.

> it wasn't meant to be.  i just think it's a 
> real shame that pd-extended won't load these objects.

i totally agree.

>   they used to load 
> fine in earlier versions of extended.  personally i have just changed 
> all my >~ objects to [expr~ $v1>n]. 

and then people came and started to complain why patches took 15 minutes 
to load when the hexloader is enabled...

anyhow, i think i have put enough of my ressources into trying to make 
this work in a general way but unfortunately without much success;
so i guess i leave it there and advise people to use zexy as a 
multi-object library.


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