[PD] really annoying question about tildes~

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Wed Jul 16 16:04:49 CEST 2008

On Wed, 16 Jul 2008, Martin Peach wrote:

> Seems to me weird characters always cause trouble somewhere along the 
> line. Why not rename them [lt~] and [gt~]? Then there's something in 
> gridflow I think that actually uses * in its name,

I encoded that using the hexloader's convention for the benefit of the 
SVN, and then the Makefile copies that to the name that has '*' in it 
because it can't assume that the hexloader is actually there.

If all internal classes became single external classes, as some people 
have wished already, then you end up with bunch of classes named like [*] 
and [/] that have to be named something in the filesystem, and so should 
their helpfiles. Furthermore, by consistency, things closely related to 
the [*] class should be named with a "*" in the name instead of a "mul", 
and things closely related to [/] should be named with a "/" in the name 
instead of a "div", and so GridFlow's [inv*] was part of a jMax-compat 
layer and the original jMax class was called exactly [inv*] because the 
jMax authors judged it to be so closely related to [*]. There's another 
way of understanding the behaviour of that class, but in that case it is 
so closely related to [/] instead.

> I mean why not make an external with the three-character name 
> [ctl-alt-del]?

Ctrl and Alt are not characters and don't have any character code 

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