[PD] bringing an open subpatch to the foreground needs one click too many

tim info at timvets.net
Wed Jul 16 18:49:22 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I don't know if it's pd-specific or a Gdm thing...
Though it's a simple 'problem' it's kind of long to describe. here goes:

1. Click a subpatch object in a patch. It opens the subpatch in a new
2. click on the parent patch's window so the subpatch gets hidden behind
3. Click on the same subpatch object again. Now the subpatch window
doesn't come to the foreground, but instead the corresponding window
list item is highlighted (blinking).
4. Now, clicking on this Window List item (in the bar at the bottom of
the screen) doesn't bring the subpatch window to the foreground, but
instead it minimizes it, as if it was already in the foreground when you
clicked the Window List item.
To finally bring the subpatch window to the foreground you have to click
the Window List item once again...which is one click too many for my
lazy fingers ;)

Does anyone else find this annoying or is it just me ?


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