[PD] Pd/MAX grudge match in Toronto next Thursday

vade doktorp at mac.com
Thu Jul 17 09:55:04 CEST 2008

This sounds like all kinds of awesome. I second (third?) the call to  

BTW, us Max users dont just hate puppies. We eat them! And vote for  

I really hope people trash talk during the contest,  Oh man, that  
would just be awesomely hysterical.

On Jul 16, 2008, at 7:05 PM, Dafydd Hughes wrote:

> Hey folks
> Just in case there are Pd users hanging about in or around Toronto
> that I'm not in regular contact with who don't have anything to do
> next Thursday night. This is bound to be loads of fun. All the
> participants are really cool and funny people.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Anything you can do (in Max), I can do better (in PD)
> Date: Thursday, July 24, 8pm onwards
> Cost: Free! Yes, FREE.
> No need to register- come one, come all!
> With Celebrity Guest Host Misha Glouberman
> Competitors: Frank Tsonis vs. Dafydd Hughes and David McCallum
> Come take sides in this fight to the death between those open-source
> PD Commies and the right-wing, proprietary, puppy-hating MAX/MSPers.
> There has been a long and bloody rivalry between those who would make
> new media art with Pure Data, a free, open source graphical
> programming language, and proponents of MAX/MSP, Pd's slick,
> commercial half-brother. We intend to open these old wounds, pour
> salt, beer and whatever else we can find into them, push both programs
> and programmers to the brink of collapse and determine once and for
> all which is better.
> Join host Misha Glouberman as he leads our contestants through a
> series of increasingly difficult challenges with play-by-play
> commentary by Nicholas Stedman and game show music with Graham
> Collins. Watch as Frank Tsonis (team MAX) and David McCallum and
> Dafydd Hughes (team Pd) try to come up with the fastest, sexiest and
> most effective solutions, all the while fighting against each other,
> the clock, and the inevitable nerds who think they can do it better.
> If you have experience with either of these programs (or if you don't)
> and you think you can do better than our resident gurus, or even if
> you just want to play along, feel free to bring a laptop, work on the
> challenges, aid or abuse our contestants or just check your email. The
> popcorn's on us; it's free to watch, participate, heckle, throw fruit,
> and bet on who's gonna get an ass-beating.
> Information and downloads:
> Pure Data: http://puredata.info/
> MAX: http://www.cycling74.com/products/max5
> Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre: http://interaccess.org/
> 9 Ossington Ave, Toronto ON Canada
> Facebook event is here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=19191668235
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> cheers
> dafydd
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