[PD] really annoying question about tildes~

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jul 17 11:03:22 CEST 2008

hard off wrote:
> ok, sorry to have caused a fuss.
> last question:  hypothetically, if miller was to include >~ and <~ into 
> vanilla, would they load properly then?

yes of course.

again: the only problem with these objects is that you cannot have files 
(e.g. binary files containing the code for these objects; or 
abstractions) that are include characters like ">" on certain platforms.

the only solution for this is to use filenames that are named 
differently than the actual class.

this solution can be implenmented in various ways:
- include it into Pd-vanilla (so these objects would reside in the file 
"pd.lib" or "pd")
- use multi-object libraries (so these objects reside in "zexy.l_i386")
- use aliases (so ">~" really lives in "gt~.pd")
- use a hexloader (kind of generated filenames that map to the original 
classname), so ">~" resides in "0x3e0x7e.pd"

so it's rather simple, BUT:
- Pd-vanilla does not include all the fancy'n'cool objects into Pd (esp. 
if they can be easily built as externals)
- multi-object libraries are deprecated in PdX
- aliases are problematic, as you have to tell Pd about these aliases 
somehow (the mapping from ">~" to "gt~" is rather arbitrary)
- the hexloader has only been partially accepted into Pd-vanilla (that 
is: the filename mangling part has been taken out); and the 
implementation of it as an external loader has only created problems for 


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