[PD] Free rotation in GEM

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Thu Jul 17 12:41:23 CEST 2008

Thanks, cyrille,

I looked up some of the objects which were new to me in order to 
understand your method, and your example makes an awful lot of sense.
I will try implementing it later today.

Mean while,

 > you can save few cpu using gemlist_matrix and GEMglMultMatrix.

Can you please show me specifically how I can utilize these?
I was not able to create [GEMglMultMatrix] as an object so I am guessing 
it is an abbreviation of some related method I do not know of.

Also, are there any resources on what practices are processed on the GPU 
and which ones are not? That is a point I have never considered but is 
probably worth thinking of for intense patches I may (or I may not, 
someone else may..) build in the future.


David Shimamoto

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