[PD] Creating music notation with GEM

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Fri Jul 18 15:00:51 CEST 2008

Hi all,

This is a very interesting discussion, I have been thinking of
generating directives/instructions/scores (mostly in that order) for
performers (definitely in the context of improvised music) but had not
(yet?) got around to implementing anything.  One thing that I did
consider, though, was to use LilyPond to generate a .png file of a
score snippet and place it in [insert your favorite gfx package here].
 This would add a little bit of "latency" needed for LP to generate
the thing (for small fragments it would probably be negligible) but to
me it does not seem like a big issue because if I generate
scores/instructions it is mainly for form consideration and not
note-for-note exchange between the performer and the computer.

Just needed to get it off my chest :)


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