[PD] cyclone into vanilla

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 15:37:01 CEST 2008

is there any progress in integrating cyclone into vanilla?
I grab this list of objectclasses from
http://suita.chopin.edu.pl/~czaja/miXed/externs/cyclone.html and hope it 
is current. I guess there are some problematic classes like counter, 
Append, Clip, prepend... and some are redundant. but there are also the 
always missing >~ and <~. can we comment on this list vote some in/out? 
if someone built abstractions with the same name, is it likely that they 
have different behaviour? could we at least agree on "behaviour" of 
object classes, independently of their implementation? for example agree 
on a [counter] or [record~] class specification, and then someone can 
write it in c or as abstraction or in lua...
here's the list (split into the three parts "cyclone", "hammer", "sickle":

!-, !/, ==~, !=~, <~, <=~, >~, >=~, !-~, !/~, %~, +=~

accum, acos, active, anal, Append, asin, bangbang, bondo, Borax, Bucket, 
buddy, capture, cartopol, Clip, coll, comment, cosh, counter, cycle, 
decide, Decode, drunk, flush, forward, fromsymbol, funbuff, funnel, 
gate, grab, Histo, iter, match, maximum, mean, midiflush, midiformat, 
midiparse, minimum, mousefilter, MouseState, mtr, next, offer, onebang, 
past, Peak, poltocar, prepend, prob, pv, seq, sinh, speedlim, spell, 
split, spray, sprintf, substitute, sustain, switch, Table, tanh, thresh, 
TogEdge, tosymbol, Trough, universal, urn, Uzi, xbendin, xbendout, 
xnotein, xnoteout, and zl

abs~, acos~, acosh~, allpass~, asin~, asinh~, atan~, atan2~, atanh~, 
average~, avg~, bitand~, bitnot~, bitor~, bitshift~, bitxor~, buffir~, 
capture~, cartopol~, change~, click~, Clip~, comb~, cosh~, cosx~, 
count~, curve~, cycle~, delay~, delta~, deltaclip~, edge~, frameaccum~, 
framedelta~, index~, kink~, Line~, linedrive, log~, lookup~, lores~, 
matrix~, maximum~, minimum~, minmax~, mstosamps~, onepole~, peakamp~, 
peek~, phasewrap~, pink~, play~, poke~, poltocar~, pong~, pow~, 
rampsmooth~, rand~, record~, reson~, sah~, sampstoms~, Scope~, sinh~, 
sinx~, slide~, Snapshot~, spike~, svf~, tanh~, tanx~, train~, 
trapezoid~, triangle~, vectral~, wave~, and zerox~.


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